Corporate Social Responsibility

The Company is totally dedicated for the welfare of the society. The company has plans to help the dialysis patients through different ways in near future.

Being an organization our infrastructure, facilities, and associates have a large impact on the society and environment. We aim to run our operations in a socially and environmentally sustainable manner. For instance, a large portion of the infrastructure for our operations in this decade is being built or yet to be built. We aim to build these as “greener infrastructure.”

With a dedicated eco-sustainability team working across industry verticals, we aim to provide next-generation sustainability services to our customers. We integrate sustainability into their business strategies and unlock environmental efficiencies in their entire value chain.

Amongst its diverse work with local communities, the Group has focused on the following areas:

 Supporting various nationwide health camps and health centres

 Providing relief in response to local emergencies

 Providing annual scholarships to Pharmacy students