Manufacturing Facility & Technology

Manufacturing plant has world class facilities where all critical operations are performed under a global standard to ensure that products are manufactured in a strictly controlled environment to minimize contamination.The company is equipped with FFS (Form- Fill- Seal) Technology LVP and SVP Machine obtained from WEILER ENGG USA, the global leaders in this technology. The containers are blown and filled with the I.V. Fluid and sealed in closed circuit in most aseptic condition. The Glass Filling Facility is Automatic Linear Line from Pharma Lab which is totally automatic and devoid of any human touch. The Aseptically sealed bottles are further sterilized in Sophisticated Super Heated Water Spray Type Sterilizer.

Our Quality

The philosophy of the company is to deliver top quality products to the consumers, using best quality materials for the manufacturing of IV Fluids. Total Quality Management is the principle of the company, practiced by strict adherence to WHO-GMP Standards, monitoring of quality standard/ good manufacturing practices at each and every stage of manufacturing.

The state- of- the- art laboratory set up is equipped with facilities for chemical and instrumental analysis. Capable of undertaking the most comprehensive tests, the laboratory has equipment sourced from internationally renowned suppliers.

We have most modern systems to support our entire manufacturing process:

Water Systems

 Double pass RO system coupled with EDI+UV and UF for generation of high grade purified water followed by distillation process for generation of SWFI.

 Continuous recording system for WFI temperature, conductivity and velocity in loop.

Enviromental Systems

 Separate AHU system for each of the activities.

 All classified rooms entry has bio-metric access control. All man and material entries to the plants are interlocked and material entries are sealed with dynamic LAF.